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There’s no doubt that the recent COVID-19 restrictions on car dealerships pose several challenges for the traditional business model. However, selling cars at a time like this doesn’t have to be impossible. With a bit innovation, you can be back in game in no time. Begin by working remotely, with a cloud-based inventory software. Check out Lot Wizard Pro for more information on DMS cloud computing. Now that you have access to your inventory, you’ll need to give your customers access to their sales contracts. To do this, we found 3 simple and free e-signature solutions that meet the following criteria:

  1. Easy upload process: Lot Wizard gives you access to several document types, all of which should upload effortlessly to your e-signature software. 
  2. Easy storage options: Some programs will provide storage for you. However, we think it’s a good idea to store your documents internally as well.
  3. Easy document preparation: Preparing your digital documents shouldn’t take much more time than preparing the physical paperwork. 

3 Best E-Signature Solutions For Car Dealerships

The following are our top three choices for selling vehicles electronically, using e-signature solutions. They all feature easy PDF uploads, email signature requests, and easy storage options. We recommend trying them out yourself to decide which services works best for you.


Small PDF

Small PDF offers both a free and paid software for online document signing. The software is straight-forward and offers all the essentials without the paid subscription. Upload your saved PDF to the website, select “Request Signature”, and email the link to your customer. It's the simplest solution for dealerships. However, it does require a bit more precision on the customer side. After carefully reading the contracts, the customer is responsible for adding text and signature fields where necessary. While the task is easy, you'll have to trust that they'll carefully read and complete the contract as intended. Once the document is submitted, you’ll both receive an email copy of the legally binding contract to save and print.
Pros: Simple and free and/or very inexpensive
Cons: No form field options to specify signatures or text response locations.

panda doc logo


PandaDoc is a much more comprehensive program, but it’s also slightly more difficult to use. They offer a free plan that works well for most car dealerships and includes some nice features. Contract expiration dates and notifications, payment collections, and an audit trail are all added benefits. Additionally, we really like the ability to add form fields to your documents that the program guides signers through to ensure proper completion.
Pros: QuickBooks payments, form fields, and signature blocks.
Cons: Slightly more difficult to learn.Signature field is very large which could intrude on your other text. Subscription plan pop-up on every page can be quite annoying - in other words, they really want you to pay for the service (starting at $9/ month).


SignRequest is an intuitive e-signature program that offers 10 free documents per month. Upload your file to the program, select your contacts, and continue to customize your fields with text and check boxes, signatures, dates, and a document expiration date. It’s easy to use and all the boxes are resizable. We like that this program requires the signers to check that they understand the contents of the agreement before submitting their final copy.
Pros: Labeled text and signature boxes that are re-sizable. It's easy to use and guides customers through fields (both required and optional).
Cons: Limited to 10 documents per month on the free version, and the program only saves your most recent documents - we suggest saving all signed files to your computer.

Let Us Know What Digital Contract Software You Prefer

If your dealership is using another program for digital contracts, we’d love to hear about it. Comment below with your recommendations. Additionally, we’d love to hear what you think about our suggestions as well. If you’re not using Lot Wizard Pro for remote inventory management, download our 30-day Free Trial today.

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