Deal Processing

Lot Wizard’s Process Deal window allows you to efficiently enter all necessary deal information. Quickly and easily process a deal and print all the important paperwork. Lot Wizard makes it simple by taking you step by step across seven easy to navigate tabs. Financial, Customer, Vehicle, Trade and Lien/Insurance tabs for entering deal information. Document Printing for paper work. The Wrap Up screen to calculate and display cost, profit and commission figures. Lot Wizard saves you additional time by automatically entering your trade(s) into inventory once you finalize the deal.

Deal Features

Process Multiple Transaction Types
Cash, outside financing, buy here pay here, wholesale, and lease deals. Lot Wizard calculates them all.
Save fees & taxes
Eliminate entering the same fees and taxes over and over. Create a schedule of default fees and rates for various vehicle types, fees and tax jurisdictions.
Calculate Payments
Calculate simple-interest financing by a fixed payment amount or term. Use payment frequency of weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.
Take trade-ins
Accommodate up to two trade-ins on one deal. Trade-ins can be automatically added to inventory once a deal is completed with one click.
Add Custom Fees
Add fees with any name to a deal. These fees will automatically show on important sale documents.
Award Commissions
Add one salesperson or split the deal with two. Commission calculations can be based on front-end, after sale or gross profits, and each sales associate can be assigned their own commission percentage.
Process Credit Applications
Lot Wizard has multiple credit apps available to print, and are populated with the customer information you have already entered.
Quick Quotes
Save prospective customer and sale information as a quote, and Lot Wizard will highlight these as unfinished deals for easy retrieval. When your customer comes back, you will be ready.
Print Any Form
Select and download from over 4,000 multi-part and plain paper forms in our library. You can organize your list of forms by color and a custom order.
Create Custom Documents & Reports
Lot Wizard’s Letter Writer and Custom Report Designer allow users to print and document or report imaginable.
Setup Employee Permissions
Set up user names and passwords for security and to restrict access to Lot Wizard’s features and data.
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