Friday Systems’ cloud solution allows you to access your data from multiple locations on any device. Hosted Lot Wizard is an affordable and convenient way to experience the benefits of multi-location access on a safe and secure cloud server, and you can do it all without breaking the bank. Do not spend money on expensive server hardware, software, and licenses. Forget about pricey IT consultants needed for installation and maintenance. And, since Lot Wizard’s data is not stored locally, we manage remote backups around the clock.

Manage multiple stores

Hosted Lot Wizard makes managing multiple stores easy and secure. Any dealership that has an internet connection can connect to Lot Wizard and share data with other stores. Setup is easy, and we take care of the whole process.

Access Lot Wizard from anywhere

Hosted Lot Wizard lives in the cloud, so you can login anywhere you have a connection to the internet. Lot Wizard is an app for Windows PCs, but Hosted Lot Wizard can be accessed by macOS laptops and iOS or Android mobile devices. Printing is only supported on Windows devices.


  • Access Lot Wizard from any device with an internet connection
  • No backups necessary, remote backups are built-in
  • Up to 20 simultaneous users*
  • No downtime during the upgrade to Hosted Lot Wizard
  • One of the most affordable hosted software products on the market!

Reduce Costs

  • Save on servers and Microsoft license fees
  • No need for an IT professional on site
  • Automatic remote backups included

* Additional fees per simultaneous user will apply after the first two users » See our pricing

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