Okidata ML Printers

Recommended Impact Printers

Lot Wizard impact-printer forms are designed to work with any dot-matrix printer. However, it performs best with Okidata printers. Specifically, our system aligns pre-printed forms most accurately with the following dot-matrix printers:

  • Okidata ML 320 Turbo
  • Okidata ML 321 Turbo
  • Okidata ML 420 Turbo

Visit our YouTube Channel for more information on setting up your printer to work with Lot Wizard Pro.

How To Set Up Your Printer

Adjust External Parts

Adjust the printer to your paper size

  1. Paper Guides (1) – Set left guide to 1/16″ from the right guide stop. Adjust the right guide to fit paper.
  2. Position Paper Lever (3)  to location labeled “top”. This is the middle position. 
  3. On-Off Switch (4) – Power “on”
  4. Control Panel (6) – Lot Wizard will automatically override the Print Quality and Character Pitch (no action needed)

Print Current Settings

View your current factory settings

  1. Load plain paper into printer. 
  2. Select (in this order) SHIFT(5) + SEL(1) on the control panel. (The printer enters Menu Mode). 
  3. Load a plain sheet of paper and select PRINT to view all current settings. Settings print in three columns:
    1. GROUP
    2. ITEM
    3. SETTING

Adjust Internal Settings

Moving through the menu

  • When the printer is in Menu Mode you can move forward or backward through the menu
  • To move forward press GROUP, ITEM, or SET, whichever is appropriate.
  • To move backward press and hold SHIFT, then GROUP, ITEM, or SET.

Menu Mode

Use the front panel keys to change the default settings for the printer parameters. These changes save automatically upon exiting the mode. 

Change Settings

  1. GROUP to print (skip to) the next group (with SHIFT key, prints previous group)
  2. ITEM to print (select) the next setting (with SHIFT key, prints previous item)
  3. SET to change the setting  
dealership paper forms

Update the following four (4) settings to match (using the instructions above):

  1. Printer Control – Emulation ModeIBM PPR
  2. Top Feed – Bottom MarginInvalid
  3. Set-up – Paper Out OverrideYes
  4. Set-up – Auto SelectYes (optional)

Install Printer Driver

Driver Recommendations

The drivers we recommend all come with Windows and require no discs or downloads. Try the drivers in the order they are listed below. 

Windows 10 and Windows 8

  • Okidata /D (IBM) driver This driver is listed under the manufacturer “Okidata”. It will be named to correspond with your particular printer. For example, Okidata LM 320 Turbo/D (IBM).
  • Generic IBM Graphics 9 pin This driver is listed under the manufacturer “Generic” on the Printer Driver Selection menu. 

Connect to Lot Wizard

Connect printer for pre-preprinted forms

  • In Lot Wizard, select File from the menu bar
  • Select Default Forms Printer
  • Choose your Okidata Printer

Default Report Printer refers to the printer you’ll use for PDF forms or reports

Visit our printer alignment page to learn how to line up a form when using Lot Wizard.
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