Recommended Printer Settings for the Okidata 320/321

The table below displays internal printer settings for your non-turbo Okidata 320/321 Printer. These settings are recommended for optimal use with our software. There are two items that you must have set correctly; Paper Out Override and Skip Over Perforation.

Please click here for driver recommendations and to learn how to change the printer’s configuration settings.

Group Item Setting
Font Print Mode Utility
Font Pitch 10 CPI
Font Style Normal
Font Size Single
General Control Emulation Mode IBM PPR
General Control Graphics Bi-directional
General Control Max Receive Buffer Full
General Control Paper Out Override Must be Yes
General Control Print Registration 0
General Control Operator Panel Functions Full Operation
General Control Reset Inhibit No
General Control Print Suppress Effective Yes
General Control CPU Compensation Standard
Vertical Control Line Spacing 6 LPI
Vertical Control Form Tear Off Off
Vertical Control Skip Over Perforation Must be No
Vertical Control Auto LF No
Vertical Control Auto CR No
Vertical Control Auto Feed XT Invalid
Vertical Control Page Length 11″
Vertical Control Cut Sheet Page Length 11″
Symbol Sets Character Set Set I
Symbol Sets Language Set American
Symbol Sets Zero Character Slashed
Serial I/F Option Parity None
Serial I/F Option Serial Data 7 or 8 Bits 8
Serial I/F Option Protocol Ready/Busy
Serial I/F Option Diagnostic Test No
Serial I/F Option Busy Line SSD-
Serial I/F Option Baud Rate 9600 BPS
Serial I/F Option DSR Signal Valid
Serial I/F Option DTR Signal Ready on Power Up
Serial I/F Option Busy Time 200 ms
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