Facebook Followers Help You Sell Cars

The secret to enticing more interest in your used car dealership requires nothing more than the click of a button. Facebook users are fanatics about…well, everything. Including car searches. They love “sharing”, getting updates and talking. So naturally, we built an app for that, and it’s included in Friday Systems Advertising Package. With the Facebook app, friends don’t have to leave Facebook to shop. If they see something they like, they’ll “share” it, talk about, and visit your website for more information. It updates automatically just like the hundreds of other integrations we built.


  • Lists inventory (with photos) on Facebook and updates automatically
  • “Share” buttons encourage users to show your vehicles to their Facebook friends
  • Directs Facebook users to your website when they are interested in a vehicle
  • Fully integrated Facebook app, built the right way with Facebook style and colors for a clean, seamless look
  • Invites users to sort and filter by features to find what they’re looking for

Pricing and availability

How to install our Facebook app


  1. Facebook page

    If you already have a Facebook page set up for your business, skip this step. This application works only on Facebook fan pages. Accounts on Facebook are people; businesses have pages.

    If you are logged into your Facebook account, click here to start the page wizard.

  2. Become an admin of the Facebook page

    You must have control over a page to add an app. If you created the page, you are automatically the admin.

  3. Inventory in our system

    Your vehicle inventory must be in our database in order for the app to operate. If you are not a current customer, it is possible that the company that manages your inventory can send us a feed of your inventory.

Installation instructions

  1. Click here to open a page that contains this prompt:Add Page Tab
  2. Choose your dealership’s page from the Facebook Pages drop-down list.If the Facebook Pages drop down does not list your dealership’s page, click the Add Page Tab button and this screen will refresh. If you still can’t find the dealership page in the list, revisit our prerequisites section that asks if you are an admin of the Facebook page.
  3. Rearrange your page tabs so the new Inventory tab is always visible.A new tab called Inventory was just added to your page at the bottom of the list. To move it up, follow these instructions:
    1. Go to your Page and click Settings
    2. Click Edit Page in the left column
    3. Click and drag the Inventory tab to reorder it
  4. Send us a link to your Facebook page so we can link your Facebook Page ID with your vehicle inventory.Visit our app’s page, give it a like and post a link to your page. You can also email us the link by filling out the form below.
  5. Verify that your live inventory is now feeding directly to your Facebook page. After we link up your IDs, your cars should display within 30 minutes.
  6. Let your followers know they can now check out your inventory without leaving Facebook.We like to share these posts, so feel free to tag us while writing your post by typing an @ symbol before our page name, like @Dealer Inventory App Community. A small popup will assist you in creating the tag if you’ve liked our app page.