Program Features
Document Processing Screens
Inventory and Cost Tracking
Automatic VIN Decoding
Document Printing
Easy Updates
Window Stickers
Menu Selling
Buy-Here/Pay-Here Processing
Web Site Integration
Inventory Advertising
Custom Reporting
Hardware Requirements
Setting up the Okidata 320/321 Turbo
Okidata 320/321 Printer Settings
Okidata 320/321 Form Alignment
Installing The Software
Initial Installation
Setting Up A Licensed System
Workstation Installations
Backing Up Your Data
Creating a Backup File
Maintaining System Informaton
Dealership Information
General Dealer Information
Other Dealership Information
Buy-Here/Pay-Here Options
Remote Dealerships
Additional State IDs
User Permissions and Security
Using Default Printers
Finance Information
Maintaining Salespeople
State Fees and Taxes
Outside Lienholders
Extended Warranty Maintenance
Insurance Agent Maintenance
Maintaining the Forms List
Maintaining Option Lists
Maintaining Floor Plan Rates
Automatic Stock Numbers
Credit Insurance
Modifying Insurance Types
Setting Credit Insurance Rates
Downloading Programs and Forms
Upload Inventory to Internet
Using The System
Basic Features
Drop Down Menus
File Menu
Options Menu
Tools Menu
Reports Menu
Dealer Financing Menu
Inventory Forms Menu
Pictures Menu
Maintenance Menu
Accounting Menu
Utilities Menu
Format Menu
Help Menu
Deal Processing
Menu Selling
Setting Up Menu Items
Arranging and Saving A Menu
Presenting the Menu to the Customer
Processing a New Deal
Step 1: Start New Deal
Step 1a: Enter Stock Number
Step 1b: Select Vehicle Use
Step 1c: Finance Source
Step 1d: Set the Sale Type
Step 1e: State Fee Schedule
Step 1f: Sale and 1st Payment Dates
Step 1g: Payment Information
Special Function Buttons
Calculate Payment Button
Rollback Button
Insurance Button
Warranty Button
Clear Button
Disclosure Button
Coverage Button
Marking Section Complete
Step 2: Customer Information
Customer Information
Terrorist Watch List
Title Information
Delivery Information
Step 3: Vehicle Information
Step 4: Trade Information
Step 5: Lienholder/Insurance Information
Step 6: Document Printing
Document Questions
Form Defaults
Configuring a Form
Printing the Form
Document Alignment
Clearing Form Settings
Step 7: Wrap Up
Cost and Profit Calculations
Collections At Delivery
Buy-Here/Pay-Here Collections
Calculating Salesperson Commissions
Deleting A Deal
Loading a Previous Deal
Deferred Down Payments
Scheduling Deferred Payments
Accepting Deferred Payments
Getting Credit Reports
Obtaining a Credit Report on a Customer
Viewing Past Reports
Deal History
Arranging Columns
List Filter
Standard Filter
Advanced Filter
Buy Here/Pay Here
Setting up Finance Source
List Filter
Printing Payment Coupons
Customer Payments
Payment And Call Log History
Tracking Phone Calls
Receiving Payments
Edit/Delete Payment
Loan Defaults
Adding Other Charges
Receivables Report
Payment Receipt Report
Missing Receipt Report
Recap Reports
Loan Statement
Projected Cash Flow
Payment Due Statements
Income Report
Commission Report
Modifying Due Dates
Calculating A Payoff
Entering Loans from Other Sources
Credit Reporting
Setting Up Metro 2 Reporting
Creating the Metro 2 File
Inventory Detail
Adding A Vehicle
Basic Detail Entry
Options/Web Tab
Adding Pictures
Entering Options
Tag Line
Excluding Vehicles From Web Sites
Other Information Tab
Standard Information
Custom Information
Supplier Information
Viewing Deal Information
On Hold Info Tab
Pricing Tab
Entering Prices and Costs
Repair Orders
Loading A Vehicle
Deleting A Vehicle
Inventory List
List Filters
Standard Filter
Advanced Filter
Advanced Features
Using Screen Filters
Standard Filter Options
Advanced Filter Options
Saved Filters
Standard Reports
Disclosure Report
Profit Report
Reserve Report
Salesperson Commissions
Vehicle Data Sheet
Sales Graph
Outstanding Deferred Pmts
Delivery Schedule
Custom Reports
Creating, Loading, and Deleting a Custom Report
Saving Custom Reports
Printing Custom reports
Creating a Paper Report
Title, Font and Paper Size
Adding and Deleting Fields
Report Preview
Creating a Data Export File
Adding Fields
Creating Mailing Lables
Report Preview Screen
Letter Writer
Creating a New Letter
Printing a Custom Letter
Quick Payment
Payment Table
Finance Table
Insurance Table
Credit Insurance Coverage
Setting Defaults
QuickBooks Interface
Connecting to QuickBooks
Setting Up QuickBooks Accounts
Posting Deal Information To QuickBooks
Utilities Program
Sending Data To Friday Systems, Inc.
Retrieving Data From Friday Systems, Inc.
Compacting and Repairing The Database
Creating A Backup File
Retrieving A Backup File
Frequently Asked Questions

Lot Wizard Dealer Software Online Help Manual

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Utilities Menu

Clicking on Utilities in the menu bar causes the Utilities drop-down menu to appear.

Internet Stock Transfer -- Uploads your vehicle inventory to classified advertising sites and your dealership website.

Download Updates/Registration Key -- Connects the software to the Friday Systems, Inc.'s servers so the software can download the latest updates and forms.

Permissions -- Displays a window where you can set persmissions to allow or disallow user access to certain parts of the program.

Form Registration Key -- Displays a window where you can enter the registration key given to you by Friday Systems, Inc. This key is necessary to continue printing reports and forms with the software.

Compact Repair Database -- Loads the utilities program. Using the utilities program, you can select to compact/repair your program's database, allowing the database to take up less space on your hard drive.

Backup Database -- Allows you to create a backup file of software's database memory.

Import Kelley Blue Book -- Allows the software to import an inventory file if you use Kelly Blue Book Kar PowerTM software to maintain your inventory.

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