craigslistOur Craigslist Assistant makes posting vehicles to craigslist easy. This standalone app runs on all modern versions of Windows, and uploads your vehicle photos and text to craigslist at the click of a button.

Choose a craigslist city, one of your vehicles, click the post button, and watch Craigslist Assistant…

  • Fill out all text boxes with vehicle data
  • Upload your vehicle photos to craigslist
  • Advance through the posting process unless your interaction is required

Craigslist Assistant is smart enough to find all the craigslists that surround your dealership, so posting ads where your customers are looking is simple.

After launching the app,
login using the same credentials
that let you access the Dealer Portal.

Frequent Questions

How much does Craigslist Assistant cost?
Included in our Advertising Package
How do I login?
Your username and password for Craigslist Assistant are the same credentials you use to login the Dealer Portal. If you do not have an account, try the Dealer Portal’s forgot password tool.
Are there other classified sites where my inventory can be listed?
Yes, we send vehicles to more than one hundred sites for our customers everyday. Learn more about feeds.