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Starting at $49
Price Per Printed DealIncluded in Monthly Fee$12.00 Per Deal
Toll Free Support
User Permissions
Recommended Deal VolumeOver 5 Deals per MonthUnder 6 Deals per Month
Inventory Management for Web Sites
Manage Dealer Financing (BHPH)
Cash Deals
Wholesale Deals
Financed Deals
Simple or Add-on Interest
Calculate Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Payments
Calculate Term using Fixed Payments
Track Deferred Down Payments
State and Dealer Fee Schedules
Frequent PDI Agent List
Frequent Lienholder and Bank Lists
Automatic Vin Decoding
Attach Images to Deals and Customers
Custom Letter Writer
Custom Report Writer for Deals
Customer Maintenance List
Custom Report Writer for Customer List
CVR & TriVIN Data Exports
Retrieve Credit ReportsOptional
Profit & Reserve Reports
Salesperson Commission Reports
1000s of Plain Paper and Multi-part FormsIncluded with Deal Purchase
State Title/Registration PaperworkIncluded with Deal Purchase
Buyers Orders / Purchase AgreementsIncluded with Deal Purchase
Extended Warranties/ GAP FormsIncluded with Deal Purchase
Multi-part Finance ContractsIncluded with Deal Purchase
Insurance AgreementsIncluded with Deal Purchase
Odometers Statements / Power of AttorneysIncluded with Deal Purchase
Wolters-Kluwer Premium PDF ContractsAs Low As $1.60 Per DealIncluded with Deal Purchase
LAW 553 Premium PDF ContractsAs Low As $2.40 Per DealIncluded with Deal Purchase
Manage Buy Here/Pay Here Loans
Print BHPH Account Statements
Print BHPH Payment Coupons
Print BHPH Receipts
Track BHPH Late Fee and Other Charges
Print BHPH Receivables, Receipt, Recap Reports
Print BHPH Missing Receipt Journal
Custom Letter Writer for BHPH Loans
Salesperson Commission Reports
Metro 2 Reporting
Finance Company UploadsOptional
Email Receipts & StatementsOptional
Import Customer Web Payments
Print Window Stickers / Buyers GuidesOptional
Track Vehicle Costs and Repair Orders
Send Inventory to Advertisers
Customer Report Write for InventoryYes w/ Advertising Package
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