Why should your dealership website be built on WordPress?


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system, or CMS, that provides basic website functionality and serves as a platform on top of which many different kinds of websites can be built. Every WordPress site has the same dashboard on the back-end and a user account system with which you can login. Common tasks like adding a new page are easy using the tools that are already built-in.

WordPress is the software that powers more than 25% of all websites. We built a dealership website system on top of WordPress instead of designing a proprietary system in-house because it is great software that is used and loved by many people.

WordPress is powerful and search-engine friendly out of the box

Among the many features that are already built-in to WordPress is basic on-page search engine optimization (or SEO). There are hundreds of factors that affect where your pages will rank in search engines. Let WordPress take care of the basics, and we will implement an advanced strategy designed to promote your vehicles in your market.

WordPress is open source software

Open source software means that anyone can read and improve the code, unlike the many car dealer website systems that are written at one company for one company and become outdated when technologies advance. There are thousands of people you may never meet that are working everyday to make WordPress better, faster, and more secure for you. There are thousands of free plugins that deliver functionality like photo galleries and social media integration. We don’t have to bill you to build these things because they’re already part of the ecosystem and in use on many other websites.

WordPress is easy to use and has unprecedented support

There is one primary reason that WordPress is so popular: it’s extremely easy to use, and the open-source community that improves WordPress is constantly working on and releasing free updates. By choosing us, your site will benefit from these updates as the platform progresses. By choosing us, your website won’t need to be replaced in a couple years. We can adopt the latest technologies and features your market demands.

Your local professionals already use WordPress

Web developers and marketing professionals all over the world use WordPress everyday to empower businesses. By choosing WordPress, we have made sure that anyone can help you make the most of your presence on the web. When you are asked, “can we integrate this into your website?” the answer is always yes.

WordPress is infinitely flexible

Car dealerships, local restaurants, Time Magazine, Mercedes-Benz, The University of Maine, and even Snoop Dogg all have websites built on WordPress. It’s battle-tested everyday on millions of websites in more use cases than anyone can list. It’s completely customizable and maintained by a vibrant community of professionals all over the globe.

The real question is, “Why not WordPress?” Read more about our dealership websites.

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