Document Printing

Lot Wizard automates your car sales from start to finish by printing all the necessary deal paperwork to complete a purchase. Both multi-part (dot matrix) pre-printed forms and plain-paper forms are supported. With document printing in Lot Wizard Pro, your dealership saves valuable time and money, eliminate double-entry, and assuring that your dealership is compliant with up-to-date buyers guides, window stickers, and warrantied Wolters-Kluwers bank forms.

Free Plain Paper &
Dot Matrix Forms

  • No handwriting! Lot Wizard completes your paperwork
  • Thousands of FREE forms to choose from.
  • Bank Contracts, State Forms, Odometers, Warranties, Insurance Agreements, Buyers Guides, etc.
  • PDF formats for plain paper laser printing available. Many states provide PDF versions of their sales and tax forms. Lot Wizard prints these documents in their entirety from your laser printer.

Reynolds & Reynolds
Law 553

  • LAW 553 and LAW 553 ARB available in all 50 states
  • The most recognized bank contract for outside financing, both locally and nationally
  • Reduce time by sending one contract to multiple banks
  • Eliminate costly mistakes with unlimited reprints
  • Cost: $2.00-$2.80 dependent upon order quantity

Wolters-Kluwers &
Banker Systems Forms

  • Bankers Systems forms are warrantied by Wolters-Kluwer to be compliant in your state
  • Forms are available for all 50 states and DC
  • Eliminate costly reprints of multi-part forms
  • Bank contracts accepted by hundreds of banks nationwide
  • Fully compliant with in-house Buy Here/Pay Here financing
  • Cost: $1.60-$2.40 dependent upon order quantity


more than just forms...

Custom Documents

Complete with automatic form fields,  Lot Wizard’s Letter Writer tool saves time while nurturing your customers with robust communication.
Use this tool to send letters, birthday cards, invoices and much more.

Powerful Reports

Quantify your vehicle inventory and customer sales data with Lot Wizard’s Custom Report Designer.  Using comprehensive filters, built-in calculators, and fundamental design tools, this tool turns your basic reports into an articulate account of your dealership transactions. 

Printers / Configurations

Dot-Matrix printer recommendations

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