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What is Lot Wizard?

Lot Wizard is a cloud-based Windows app. The software uses a cloud database hosted at Microsoft Azure to hold a car dealership’s contact and sales information in order to make managing sales and printing paperwork a more efficient process. Primarily, Lot Wizard will perform F&I calculations and print all deal paperwork for vehicle sales. The Lot Wizard software has been used by car dealers throughout the United States since its launch in 2001 and has since been enhanced with added features, security, and mobility. Some optional features include buy here pay here account administration, downloading customer credit reports, inventory & sales reports, and complete online integration with websites and third party advertisers.

How can Lot Wizard help my business?

Using Lot Wizard will save you time and money. Two of the most time-consuming tasks at pre-owned dealerships are digitizing vehicle inventory and preparing paperwork. Lot Wizard makes both of these processes a breeze. Managing your vehicle inventory with Lot Wizard Pro is easier than ever because it eliminates double-entry. With Lot Wizard Pro, you only have to enter your inventory once, and you can do it from any internet accessible location. With our additional services, this software uploads your inventory to third-party advertisers, such as Autotrader, credit reporting companies, such as 700Credit, and your dealership website. Lot Wizard also tracks other important information such as banks and financing companies, state & local taxes, fees, warranty plans, and insurance rates, so when it comes time to calculate a deal and print paperwork, the majority of the work is already be done for you. Effective data management is the key to streamlining your workload, and that is what Lot Wizard was designed to do.

How much does Lot Wizard cost?

Current pricing for our Lot Wizard systems can be found here.

Is your company reputable?

Friday Systems, Inc. has been providing auto dealers with computer software solutions since 1983! Lot Wizard is our latest generation of dealer software, and it is recommended by a number of state dealer associations. We would be happy to provide you with references that will testify to our service.


Frequently Asked Questions from Customers

Do you have questions about Lot Wizard features? Find answers to the most common questions right here. If your concern is not addressed below, please visit Training & Support or contact us so we can get the help you need as quickly as possible.


What are the system requirements for Lot Wizard?

To download and run Lot Wizard, your computer should run Windows 7 or above, with a broadband internet speed of 10Mbps or above. Check My Internet Speed

How do I use Lot Wizard’s features?

We have published a Lot Wizard User Manual. The user manual details the functionality of all Lot Wizard’s features with descriptive text and pictures, allowing you to become familiar with any of our product’s operations. We also create and upload support videos to our YouTube channel.

How do I send my cars to the Internet?
  1. Open Lot Wizard
  2. Click the Utilities drop-down menu, and choose Update Web Inventory.
  3. When the Inventory Upload window appears, click the Upload button.

Although updates to websites that we host will be processed immediately, inventory changes will not be immediately visible on internet advertisers’ sites.

How do I get my cars on

In order to send your inventory data to, you must first purchase a web advertising package from Friday Systems and a listing package directly from To transmit your inventory, follow the steps provided in How do I send my cars to the Internet?

How do I make sure my Lot Wizard software is up to date?

We highly recommend backing up your data before downloading and installing new components. To watch a video that answers this question, click here. To check the most recent release version number, connect to the Download Updates & Forms interface by following these steps.

  1. Establish an Internet connection.
  2. Load the Lot Wizard software.
  3. Click the Utilities menu, and choose Download Updates/Forms.
  4. When the Forms, Program & Code Updates window appears, click the red Connect button.
  5. After the Available Downloads list on the left is populated, browse the Program tab for a Lot Wizard entry.
  6. If a newer version of Lot Wizard is available, click Add to Downloads button to add the new Lot Wizard program to your downloads list.
  7. Click the Download button to start the automatic installation.

The Lot Wizard update should complete automatically. If you encounter any problems please contact us.

Fill out this PDF and follow the instructions to submit it to Carfax.

Do I have to pay extra for new forms or program updates?

No. Lot Wizard program updates and standard forms (contracts, odometers, warranties, etc.) are included in your monthly payment. There is an additional charge for any custom form printed specifically for your dealership. If you’re not sure what type of forms your dealership uses, please contact us.

Printing Forms

Where can I get forms for my dealership?

Forms are usually available from the companies that print them. Many State Dealership Organizations also provide a variety of car deal processing forms.

Preprinted multi-part forms (dot-matrix printer required)

Plain paper PDF forms (inkjet or laser)

How do I get Lot Wizard to print my forms?
  1. Establish an Internet connection.
  2. Load the Lot Wizard software.
  3. Click the Utilities menu, and choose Download Updates/Forms.
  4. When the Internet Downloads window appears, click the red Connect button.
  5. After the Available Downloads list on the left is populated, navigate the form category tabs to locate the forms you would like to print. Most of our forms have image previews so you may verify that you’re getting the form you want. If a preview is available, a button with a picture of a camera on it will appear below the Disconnect button. Click this button and Lot Wizard will display an image preview of the selected form.
  6. Select a form you would like to download by clicking on its name and add it to the Selected Downloads list by clicking the Add to Downloads button.
  7. When you have added all the forms you need to the list, click the Download button located below the Selected Downloads list.
  8. After your downloads complete, your new forms will be available for printing from the Document Printing screen of the deal process (step 6).

Learn more about printers →

What if a form I want isn’t on the Download List?

Contact us, and we will add the form to our constantly-expanding library.

What type of printer do I need?

Lot Wizard supports two types of printers: modern ink or laser jet printers and dot-matrix or impact printers (OKI 320/321 or OKI420/421). An impact printer is required for multi-part carbon-copy forms.

Laser/Ink Jet Printer

Plain paper forms, PDF forms, reports and window stickers require an inkjet or laser printer. A color printer is required for printing window stickers in color.

Dot Matrix Printer

For multi-part pre-printed paperwork like bank contracts, warranties, or state documents, you may need a dot-matrix impact printer. We recommend the Okidata 320 and 321 series printers. Other impact printers may work but we only offer support for the Okidata 320,321,420 and 421. You may be able to avoid using a dot-matrix printer by taking advantage of our premium Wolters-Kluwer PDF forms. Wolters-Kluwer offers warrantied PDF forms that can replace most bank contracts and dealer paperwork.

Okidata ML320 Turbo

Narrow 8.5″ Carriage (8″ print path)

Okidata ML321 Turbo

Wide 16.5″ Carriage

Learn more about printers →

How do I print Window Stickers for my cars?
  1. Load the vehicle you’d like a window sticker for into the Inventory Detail window.
  2. Click the Inventory Forms menu, and choose any of the three available window stickers. If you do not see three window sticker options on the Inventory Forms menu, you will need to download the additional window stickers.

To print a custom-colored window sticker, choose Plain Paper Window Sticker II. Click the Defaults button before printing to change the colors, font settings, and custom text sections.

We sell white window sticker paper from our online store.

Do I need special paper to print payment coupons for my Buy Here Pay Here customers?

Our software prints three coupons per single sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper. TOPS and PrintWorks both make a perforated paper that works great for our coupons, but any paper that separates every 3 and 2/3 inches will work just as well. This paper is available online at the following websites:

Do you have more questions about the Lot Wizard’s features? Need help changing commission rates or sending data feeds? You’ll find all your answers to the most common questions right here. If your concern is not addressed below, please see Training & Support or contact us so we can get the help you need as quickly as possible.

How do I set up my Okidata printer?

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