Dealer Portal

Your command center for: Website Inventory Advertising Feeds Lead Generation

The Dealer Portal is a secured web-based application tool for authorized dealerships to manage their marketing and advertising efforts through Friday Systems. Whether you’re managing inventory for Advertising Feeds and Websites or collecting contacts from prospective buyers, this tool makes distributing accurate and consistent data, across all usable platforms, simple.

How Does The Portal Help My Dealership?

Manage Inventory

Get Organized

The Dealer Portal is your online resource for managing and marketing inventory listings on Dealer Websites and Advertising Feeds. It offers a simple means of attaching images, sending cars off to another website for advertising, loading inventory onto your own business site, and analyzing   vehicle data.

collect Leads

Get Connected

Leads are the lifeblood of every dealership, and we take great effort to make sure your sales staff is immediately alerted about each new prospect. Leads are stored in the Dealer Portal before email and text message alerts are dispatched to as many targets as you like, including any automotive CRM.

Apply Value

Get Sales

How you handle the valuable data you’ve accumulated through inventory purchases, research and lead generation, ultimately tells story of your success. For that reason, the Friday Systems Dealer Portal comes equipped with tools to handle the transactions most significant in transferring inventory to satisfied customers.

What Tools Does the Dealer Portal Provide?

VIN Decoder

Automatically completes vehicle detail fields


Receive bank offers with the click of a button

Buyers' Guides

Autofill and Print directly from your account


Integrated to keep your shoppers informed


Use all the data you've collected to print comprehensive reports

Credit Apps

Fully secure, encrypted credit applications

Bulk Image Uploader

Save time by selecting and uploading all your photos at once

Window Stickers

Eliminate double entry and print window stickers from the portal

Join Thousands of Dealers

Join thousands of dealerships across the United States who’ve used Friday Systems to get connected with the online car shopping community. To sign up for a Responsive Dealer Website, follow the link below and complete our website questionnaire. Afterwards, we’ll give you  call to complete your order. 

Register your vehicles online

Free uploads from Lot Wizard Pro

CVR Online Registration account required