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Photos for a certain vehicle are not uploading

Lot Wizard will tell you exactly which vehicle pictures are going to be uploaded on the Internet Stock Transfer screen. Look for the the Upload Pics check boxes. If you need to update the photos for a particular vehicle, make sure this box is checked before you click the upload button.

Vehicle photos are not uploading

Launch the Internet Stock Transfer screen from the Utilities menu, look for the check box at the bottom that says All Pictures. Check this box before clicking the Upload button. An All Pictures upload will take a bit longer than a normal upload with New Pictures Only checked because of the larger size of the data transmission.

Associate YouTube videos with vehicles before uploading

If you shoot videos for each of your vehicles, we recommend uploading your video clips to YouTube. Paste the YouTube video embed code in the Web1 field to associate the video with the vehicle. This link allows us to display your videos in places where we normally just show the vehicle photos.

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