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Lot Wizard Pro puts innovation back in the hands of Independent Dealerships

Benefits of the Cloud

Prior to the launch of Lot Wizard Pro, affordable dealer management services lacked the essential attributes that enterprise-level software provides:
 Connectivity, Mobility and Progressiveness.

Fortunately, the future is here, and we've unleashed a Cloud-based F&I program that's easy to use, easy to access from anwhere you want to work, and easy to manage any size car lot. Try it out, you won't regret it.


Work Off-Site

Get 24/7 access to your dealership inventory and reports at any WIFI accessible location.


Lot Wizard Pro transfers data across your multi-location dealership quickly and efficiently.

Enterprise Security

Hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, and secured with the most sophisticated technology.

Customer data

Customer Centric

Customer profiles allow you to track previous purchases and loans, set custom filters, and print mailing labels.


Starts at $79/Mo

Low starting price for 1-3 workstations. That's less than half the cost of any Cloud-based DMS on the market. 

Automatic backups


Instant back-ups relieve the necessity for IT support. No special equipment or professionals needed.  

Finance and Credit Reporting

We've packed this Pro DMS with a lot of great finance features, and there's more to come soon.

Buy Here Pay Here tracks loans and alerts the F&I Manager of delinquent payments. Reporting and collections tools include Payment Coupons, Statements, Letters, and ReportsLearn More

The 700 Credit Integration is the newest addition to our software, and is only available with our PRO version of Lot Wizard. You'll have full access to the 700 credit dashboard right from your DMS, complete with reports, both present and past, as well as your personal account information. 

Report settings and Financial Calculations are easily managed and manipulated at your descretion. Learn More

Consumer and Inventory Management


Customer Hub acts as your company address book, compiling your collection of photos, notes, and essential customer data. Within the hub, you'll create custom sort filters, print labels, letters and reports, and also access past credit checks, quotes and sales history.


Inventory Hub easily loads basic vehicle information with VIN entry, and tracks all of your purchase, repair and sales expenses. In addition, with simple, one-step data feeds, Lot Wizard Pro takes your inventory sales across your web browser to your own company website, as well as third party classified sites.  

Lot Wizard Pro Features

  • Inventory Contol
  • photo attachments
  • Repair Costs
  • Enterprise SEcurity

Our Full Feature package

What Do Our Customers Say?

"The best thing about Lot Wizard Pro is that it gives me the freedom to get out of the office and take my work home with me. Now I can load images into my inventory, make price adjustments and do title work, all from the side of my pool."
Cliff Weaver
Sterling Motor Cars
"I recently upgraded to Lot Wizard Pro, and I have to say it is one of the easiest systems to learn and operate. I highly recommend it, especially if you offer BHPH. It's an extremely simple way to track your outstanding loans, late accounts, payments received, balance, etc."
Monika Connor
Capri Auto Works
"No more firewall interference! We've had multiple experts attempt to resolve our firewall issues, to no avail. Now, with the new cloud system, we don't have to worry about corruption errors when running our DMS. It's 100% headache free."
Brett Whitaker
Whitaker Motors

Taking the Leap

Prior to the launch of Lot Wizard Pro cloud software, basic, affordable dealer management services lacked the essential attributes that enterprise-level software offered: connectivity, mobility and progressiveness.

Up until now, the industry as a whole has managed to navigate the dealerships' sore spots by connecting workstations to remote servers for additional fees. Although these temporary solutions work, they are often complicated, as well as expensive. 

Fortunately, the future is here, and it's much more flexible and friendly than ever before.

Open to Progress

The most popular DMS in the industry was written over 30 years ago using coding that limits progress. There's simply no practical way around connecting this code to modern innovations such as phone applications and online software partners.

The foundation on which Lot Wizard Pro DMS resides is both solid enough to support growth and practical enough to accommodate unchanged technology. It's really the best of both worlds.

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