Create Your Own Custom Reports In Lot Wizard Pro

Why use standard dealership reports when you can customize your data to show only the information you want to see?

Here's How the customer report designer Works

Dealer Management Custom Report Designer enables our customers to use their data any way they like.

  1. Begin by selecting data from one of the hundreds of database fields available for viewing.
  2. Then, activate one or more of a variety of filters to narrow down your selections.
  3. After your precise data is selected, use the column sorter to view your data in the most sensible order. 

That’s all there is to it! Save your report as a template, set the report to repeat weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly, and you’ll never have to design again. Dealer management custom report designer can create, save, and print almost any report imaginable.

What can I do with customer report designer?

  • Choose hundreds of fixed and calculated fields
  • Calculate totals and averages on any column
  • Format & sort any column
  • Filter by any field or date
  • Print in portrait or landscape orientation
  • Save an unlimited number of custom reports
  • Save an unlimited number of custom filters
  • Export any report to Excel
  • Print customer mailing labels
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