Recommended Printer Settings for the Okidata 320/321 Turbo

This page describes optimal settings for Okidata 320/420 and 321/421 Turbo printers (click here for discontinued non-turbo printers). The Lot Wizard dealer software can use virtually any dot-matrix printer to print state forms, bank contracts, odometer disclosures, insurance agreements, buyers guides, and other multi-part or carbon copy car deal forms. We recommend the Okidata printers only because we have used them exclusively in our office for years.

Driver recommendations

The drivers we recommend all come with Windows and require no discs or downloads. Please try the drivers in the order they are listed below.

Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7

  • Okidata /D (IBM) driver This driver is listed under the manufacturer “Okidata.” It will be named to correspond with your particular printer. For example, Okidata ML 320 Turbo/D (IBM).
  • Generic IBM Graphics 9pin This driver is listed under the manufacturer “Generic” on the Printer Driver Selection menu.
oki_logoThere are three settings that you will need to make sure you have set correctly for optimal use with our Lot Wizard software; Printer Emulation, Bottom Margin and Paper Out Override.

Important settings:

Okidata printer emulations:

  • Epson ® FX (ESC/P)
  • IBM ® Proprinter III (PPSII) Choose this one

Changing Emulations

  1. Make sure paper is loaded.
  2. Press SHIFT + SEL. The printer enters the Menu Mode.
  3. Press LF. The following line prints:
    Printer Control   Emulation Mode   IBM PPR
  4. Press TEAR consecutively until the emulation you wish to select prints in the right-hand column.
  5. Press SHIFT + SEL to save your setting and exit the Menu Mode.

Moving Through the Menu

  • When the printer is in Menu Mode, you can move forward or backwards through the menu.
  • To move forward, press GROUP, ITEM, or SET whichever is appropriate.
  • To move backward, press and hold SHIFT, then GROUP, ITEM, or SET, whichever is appropriate.

Menu Mode

You use the front panel keys to change the defaults for the printer parameters. The changes you make in the Menu Mode are automatically saved when you exit the Menu Mode and are retained, even when you turn the printer off.


  1. GROUP: Prints the next Group in the Menu. With the SHIFT key, prints the previous Group.
  2. ITEM: Prints next Item in the Group. With the SHIFT key, prints previous Item in the Group.
  3. SET: Prints next Setting for an Item. With the SHIFT key, prints previous Setting for an Item.
  4. PRINT: Prints a copy of all the Menu settings. With the SHIFT key, prints the current settings for the Group selected.
  5. MENU light: Glows when the printer is in the Menu Mode.

Below is a sample listing of the printer settings list that prints when the PRINT button is pressed in MENU mode.

Group Item Setting
Printer Control Emulation Mode Must be IBM
Font Print Mode Utility
Font Pitch 12 CPI
Font Proportional Spacing No
Font Style Normal
Font Size Single
Symbol Sets Character Set Set I
Symbol Sets Language Set American
Symbol Sets Zero Character Slashed
Symbol Sets Code Page USA
Rear Feed Line Spacing 6 LPI
Rear Feed Form Tear-Off Off
Rear Feed Skip Over Perforation No
Rear Feed Page Width 13.6″
Rear Feed Page Length 11″
Bottom Feed Line Spacing 6 LPI
Bottom Feed Form Tear-Off Off
Bottom Feed Skip Over Perforation No
Bottom Feed Page Width 13.6″
Bottom Feed Page Length 11″
Top Feed Line Spacing 6 LPI
Top Feed Bottom Margin Must be Invalid
Top Feed Page Width 13.6″
Top Feed Page Length 11″
Top Feed Wait Time 1 sec
Top Feed Page Length Control By Actual Page Length
Set-Up Graphics Bi-directional
Set-Up Receive Buffer Size 16K
Set-Up Paper Out Override Must be Yes
Set-Up Print Registration 0.05 mm Left
Set-Up Operator Panel Function Full Operation
Set-Up Reset Inhibit No
Set-Up Print Suppress Effective Yes
Set-Up Auto LF No
Set-Up Auto CR No
Set-Up SI Select Pitch (10CPI) 17.1 CPI
Set-Up SI Select Pitch (12CPI) 12 CPI
Set-Up Time Out Print Valid
Set-Up Auto Select Yes (Optional)
Set-Up Centering Position DEFAULT
Set-Up CSF Type Wide
Parallel I/F I-Prime Buffer Print
Parallel I/F Pin 18 +5v
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