Window Stickers & Buyers' Guides

Customizable window stickers and buyers guides from within Lot Wizard Pro and Friday Systems’ Dealer portal at a fraction of the cost of outside services. We have several full-color designs available in both Lot Wizard and Dealer Portal.

Like an increasing number of our documents, our window stickers and buyers guides are created in PDF format. Some designs contain QR codes that can be scanned by any smartphone, launching the car details page on your website. We can absolutely create custom documents that contain your dealership branding, other graphics and messaging.

  • Choose any background color
  • Print on plain paper or plain window sticker paper
  • Custom text sections that print on every sticker
  • Integrated Carfax 1-owner logos
  • Integrated EPA Fuel Economy ratings

Sample Window Sticker

Click to view a sample PDF

Sample Buyers Guide

Click to view a sample PDF

How to purchase stickers for printing

Visit our online store where we sell white temperature-resistant window sticker paper. These stickers include an adhesive border that sticks to the inside of your vehicles’ windows.  All our window sticker options were designed to print on this paper.

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