What Is A Dealer Management System (DMS)?

A Dealer Management System (DMS) is a business tool used by Car Dealerships to manage, market, sell and report on automotive inventory. Much like an accounting system, a sophisticated DMS acts as a work hub within your dealership, streamlining sales and reporting processes, eliminating double entry, and keeping you compliant with industry-specific laws. In essence, a quality DMS provides you with the freedom to pursue your passion for interacting with customers and selling cars.

Benefits Of Lot Wizard

Easy to Use

Effective data management software streamlines your workload. But when the software becomes too complex, car dealerships spend more time figuring out how to find their tools than they would have spent completing the work manually. Most other car dealer software requires days or even weeks of training. Lot Wizard is so simple to install and use that anyone in your dealership can do it, regardless of computer experience. The menus are clearly labeled and easily accessible. Configuring and printing forms is simple. We have an excellent support staff in Pennsylvania that can connect and remote-control your computer when you do need help.

Buy Here Pay Here

Lot Wizard’s BHPH module is included for all users and offers the tools to create and manage in-house Buy Here Pay Here loans. Your customers will appreciate printed account statements, payment coupons, and receipts. You also have the option to accept BHPH payments on your website. Lot Wizard downloads and applies online payments so balances are always up to date. And as always, we make it simple!


In addition to Lot Wizard’s desking features, this software also integrates with Friday Systems’ Responsive Websites and Third-Party Advertising Feeds. By utilizing all of our services you’ll save time, money and eliminate the need to juggle multiple vendors.

Eliminate Double Entry

Managing your vehicle inventory is easy because Lot Wizard decodes VINs and stores vehicle photos. Enter data once and never again. Use Lot Wizard to send automotive inventory to classified ad sites, your website, and your Facebook page. Use the information to print letters, reports, invoices, and receipts. 


Inventory Features

Buy Here Pay Here features

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Semi-Monthly BHPH payment options
  • Built-in and custom Buy Here Pay Here reports
  • Call log for each customer
  • Accept payments on your website

Deal Features